Tess Redburn x Bravery Co.


Tess has a very special talent of taking complex structures and distilling them into simple, beautiful and abstract compositions. When put together, her big, bold, pastel shapes create colourful interpretations of great architectural constructions. They are truely captivating. 

I am stoked to share this collab with you. Originally painted, we have taken one of Tess's pieces and turned it into one bloody brilliant scarf. 

I hope you love this bright, bold and brilliant design and enjoy reading our interview with Tess. 

Em x


We love your big, abstracted architectural style! Can you tell us a bit about your work and creative process?

I studied graphic design and illustration, and while I'm not a designer anymore, that graphic aesthetic has definitely remained in my painting. I'm obsessed with architecture and use it as a starting point for creating images that are often fairly abstract, but still retain a feeling of space and physicality.


How did the Rebuild print come about? Where did you find your inspiration? 


I'm always on the lookout for images of buildings that feel like sculptures, and architects like Zvi Hecker and Paul Rudolph designed buildings that hardly even look like buildings at all. I take images of those kinds of structures and distort them further to create beautiful, colourful compositions. The internet is amazing now for digging up images of buildings in far flung places that you might never come across, and it's helpful that brutalism has become very popular these past few years!

What does this collab with Bravery Co. mean to you? 

I'm always inspired by anyone who can turn a practical solution into something totally wonderful. This isn't about covering up - it's about standing out and that's a powerful message for all the women I know who have battled with Cancer. As an artist, it's lovely when someone chooses to put your work on their walls, but to use it as a statement like this is extra special.


Tess Redburn

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