Tatie Lou x Bravery Co.


"I'm Louise - creator of intricate patterned wallpapers and homewares and founder of Tatie Lou."


Tell us a little bit about yourself.


I live in Nottingham, England with my husband Charly and two children Woody and Aggie. 

I've always been creative and have always loved making things. From the age of 7 I was making things and selling them - whether it was knitting  heart shaped cushions and selling them to my friends in the playground for Valentines Day.

I can’t live without my family and creativity. As well as the sunshine...which is in short supply in the UK but we will be moving to France in the new year so all that is going to change! Yipee.

I love all Thai food and sushi and find it difficult not to have coriander and chilli’s on every dish. Apart from on my porridge...although maybe I should give it a try ;) 

Things that get my goat---Brexit, Covid and Boris Johnson....but let’s not go there!


Tell us about your style. What do you love creating?

I love experimenting and working with indigo and Shibori. I think I am still finding my style as I can change techniques quite frequently but I love working with materials that allow fluidity and freedom like Shibori and dyeing.

I love creating patterns whether it is from hand dyeing to simplified block prints. I tend to look at things constantly and imagine what they would look like as a pattern.

How do you get your creative juices running? What do you do before you start designing?


Travelling (pre 2020) was a big way I would start with inspiration for designing. I like to visit exhibitions as well to gain inspiration. I have just recently visited the British Museum and took about 10000 photos of the Egyptian exhibition to start on a new collection.

What does this collab mean to you? Any message to the warriors that will wear your design.


I love to collaborate and have been so honoured to be able to create a scarf design for Bravery. I hope that all the warriors will feel powerful and beautiful when wearing this scarf. Sending lots of love and strength to you all x


Louise Wargnier or Tatie Lou

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