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What can two people change with a scarf? Everything.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Emily Somers in MOGA Green and Gold scarf for Bravery Co.

To kick off Bravery Co's new friendship with MOGA, and welcome their BEAUTIFUL scarves into the Bravery Co. family, we've written a piece explaining why both of us have chosen a simple scarf to change the world.



I suppose the seed was planted when I was young as my Dad’s side of the family is Muslim so I grew up surrounded by strong and inspiring women who were always whirling around me in scarves. Many years later I noticed a gap in the market for young women who wanted to wear the headscarf and experiment with fashion but did not have anything that quite fit their eccentric and daring personalities.

After Dad passed away, I wanted to continue his work and support of women’s empowerment causes – that’s why we donate a percentage of each sale to CARE Foundation. Initially, it was a way to feel close to him and keep his memory alive but now as MOGA has grown, it’s something I’m really passionate about.

Azahn as a child with his inspirational Mum.

Azahn and his inspirational mother.

What will I change

I want to see the end of cultural segregation. We need to stop being scared of people’s differences and start embracing them. There’s so much fear and a huge lack of understanding surrounding the headscarf at the moment and I want to remind people that it’s simply a rectangular piece of fabric. My scarves are for anyone, from any country, with any background, to wear in whatever way they like. It’s something to empower women and bring to life their unique style. They can be worn to a music festival or to the Mosque. Ultimately, I want to create pieces that will unite women, as opposed to keeping them apart.

MOGA scarves being worn on the beach.

MOGA on the beach.

The future

I would love for MOGA to one day become a community or movement of like-minded people who have a shared vision to make a difference in the world. Ideally, we would like to share stories and spotlight the incredible things women do all over the world. Once we sell our first line of scarves, it would be great to create a short film or documentary to see where the money we donated goes towards and who benefits from it and share some of these incredibly powerful stories with our fans.

Azahn Munas from MOGA.

Azahn Munas of MOGA.



I remember the first lady that ever stopped me to ask how I tied my turban. We were at The Alfred, in an oncology ward waiting to talk to a doctor about a terrifying stem cell extracting thing I was due to have. I showed her how to twist, tie and bundle her head into a turban and afterwards her face lit up. I can’t remember what was discussed in the appointment I was dreading but I will always remember how I felt after I introduced her to the scarf. It was wonderful.

What will I change?

The awkwardness around cancer. How hard it is to talk about and the lengths we go to avoid it. I had great friends that completely fell off the planet when I was sick because they didn’t know what to say. And let’s face it – with ¼ people getting cancer, no one can avoid the conversation so we better learn to get nice and comfy with the topic.

The future

I want to create scarves that empower women. Your self-confidence, energy and appearance takes a beating while you’re being treated for cancer so I want scarves that uplift the wearer as soon as they put them on. There are times (in between the horrible days) when cancer can be stylish. Wigs and hats kind of disguise our bald heads – which some days is exactly what you need, but on the other days, I would love to see women proudly rocking beautiful big colourful turbans. It would be wonderful for women riding the C train to be proud of their appearance. After all, they're warriors fighting for their life.

Emily Somers tying a turban with the MOGA pink purple scarf
MOGA orange and Blue scarf for Bravery Co.

Emily Somers Bravery Co tying the MOGA red and green silk scarf.

Emily Somers, cancer survivor, in MOGA scarves.

Check out MOGA's scarves on the Bravery Co. site here.

And remember - 10% of profits goes towards ending this ridiculous disease. So go on - treat yourself.

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