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Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Bravery Co Founder and cancer survivor Emily Somers


When I think back to where Bravery was this time last year I'm quite frankly flabbergast at how much I jam packed into 12 months. (How did I have time to sleep? Or do washing? Or leave the house?)

A few things we did in 2018

  • Won Frankie Good Stuff Awards x 2

  • Crowdfunded over 50K

  • Printed our first range of designer scarves for cancer warriors with some super talented illustrators

  • Donated 200 scarves to the women fighting at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

  • Spoke at numerous events in front of hundreds of people (many who I pictured naked)

  • Featured in Vogue, Frankie, Women's Health, MamaMia and a few weekend papers.

I'm grateful AF to so many people for making so many things happen. So much so, I’ve dot pointed them below. Get a cup of tea and peruse the (long) list if you want to feel all my warm fuzzies of 2018.

However, the main reason I’m writing to you today is to tell you how much we have raised for cancer research over the past year.

(Drum roll please)

$4,486.95 (!!!!!)

Wowza! Considering that the year before we made no profit (we were actually in the red), I couldn't be happier!

This is all possible because we have sold OVER 600 SCARVES!

And of course on top of this we donated 200 scarves to Peter Mac at our Girls Day Out that we ran with the wonderful team at the Wellbeing Centre. (Big love)

Thank you for giving Bravery so much support over the last year. There have been countless late nights, tears and many ‘wtf am I doing’ moments but I have done more happy dances than I can count and that makes this crazy entrepreneurial life all very worthwhile.

Happy hump day people.



(Scroll for grateful list!)

On stage at the Power Women's Summit in October


  • My Mum, for without her Bravery would simply not run. If you have ordered a scarf this year, chances are it came lovingly wrapped by Mum Somers. You are the powerhouse behind my fulfilment centre (my parents spare bedroom) and my lady on Australian soil. Thank you Mum.

  • My illustrators/artists/Designers/Creative geniuses. Thank you. The love and passion you have brought to each design and story has touched not just me but so many women and warriors. Luci, Beci, Kate, Amber, Sacha, Marylou, Nancy, James, Bella, Hannah, Keeley and Suzi!

  • My beautiful, strong and generous cancer warrior friends for being my Bravery scarf models – Jo (second time model), Laura and Hannah

  • To my cancer warrior community – our club is sadly always growing but I am so grateful for all the friendships that have come out of the shit show. It seems cancer only picks the strong, positive and legendary type.

  • My wonderful family for helping send out all the crowdfunding scarves. I will never forget turning the kitchen table into a packing and posting assembly line.

  • Chris and Bron for being my secondary fulfilment centre. You two are the best.

  • My one of a kind boyfriend for being my soundboard, my creative partner, taking me for walks to cure entrepreneurial cabin fever and keeping me sane in life. I love you.

  • Every single one of you that got behind Bravery through the crowdfunder campaign. You bloody legends. Big thank you to my girls for helping spread the word.

  • INGDreamstarters and StartSomeGood. I could not have pulled off the crowdfunding campaign without your support, guidance and patience through such a crazy time!

  • Frankie for awarding me 2 x Good Stuff Awards and for your endless support through the mag and on your blog. (I still have to pinch myself that my face was in that fabulous publication.)

  • All the Frankie Good Stuff award winners, judges and now friends.

  • MamaMia and especially the team at LadyStartUps. Mia – you’re the bomb. Thank you for getting behind Bravery and I. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of LadyStarup Live tour in Melbourne and thank you for putting female entrepreneurs in the spotlight and creating so much inspiration through a beautiful platform filled with kick ass women.

  • Emily Kate – the world needs more of you. Thank you for inviting me to speak at the Power Women’s Summit. I am still in awe of the community you have built and I’ll remember all the girls dancing around in turbans til I’m old and wrinkly.

  • The Project SHE women. I walked in knowing no one and came out with about 150 new friends. Thank you for your support, generosity and warm, kind spirits.

  • The wonderful women at the Wellbeing Centre at Peter Mac – especially Geri, Daisy, Esther and Kate. Thank you for making our Girls Day Out bigger than I had ever imagined. I can’t wait to run more days like this with you.

  • My cancer warrior and friend, Kylie for organising me through the whole day.

  • She Can, She Did (Fi), EcoWarrior Princess (Jen), Vogue Australia, Women’s Health Australia, Sunday Life, Shillington (Sara) for featuring Bravery and myself.

  • My wholesalers and believers in Bravery – Anita (Sequins and Sand), Kirsten (EachToOwn), Amanda (Millie Jones), Bronwyn (Brisk Trading), Gin (Trophy Wife)

  • Emerald Medical Centre and Mimecast for your scarf love.

  • Gin and Chelsea for letting me throw a scarf launch party at the Trophy Wife Salon.

  • Steph Dray for shooting my new campaign imagery.

  • Nikki for making us look gorgeous on the shoot.

  • George for shooting my crowdfundering video.

  • Chloe for capturing the scarves in a way I never could have.

  • My warrior friend Patricia for welcoming us into her house, sharing her story and starring in the crowdfunding video.

  • Peta for allowing me to share your story in the crowdfunder video and being patient with me as I figure out the technical side of sending videos.

  • KJ for making the trek to Wales from London and shooting the whole thing!

  • Tash and Madeleine for helping run my fairly disorganised stalls and dishing out scarves to the crowds.

  • Tash for your constant support, having a room to stay in and excel spreadsheet wizardry.

  • My ever growing bunch of entrepreneurial friends who have given me advice and support along the way. I have no idea what I’m doing 90% of the time but I know you guys do. Thanks for your patience and giving so much of your time. Gin (Trophy Wife), Mon (WOWOWA), Mon (Plant Circle), Marc (SlowDownStudio), Sam (Florent&Co), Erika (Fluff), Steph (The very good bra), Samata (Samata and The Tribe), Madeleine and Christelle (Kiyana Wraps), Pauline (Pelican Story)

  • Elise for helping with my social media marketing campaign and dealing with the backend of facebook. That place is scary and I’m so grateful for all your knowledge with this!

  • Miya – my wonderful friend who prints all the scarves and puts up with my 15 frantic emails a day.

  • Sarah Southern for your advice on all things crowdfunding and how to stay sane through the whole campaign.

  • Sophie and Stacey from Bossy for asking me to speak at your divine event with the cheeseboard of all cheeseboards

  • Elliot and Freya for getting me into (McGarryBowen)

  • KJ and Sammy for getting me into Lantum to speak!

  • Charlotte (In The Beginning PR) for helping spread the word through my crowdfunding campaign

  • And finally - to my ever growing Bravery community – both cancer warriors and scarf lovers.

If I can make a list like this one every year then I know the year has been a bloody great one.

My cancer kicking friends - Hannah, me, Laura and Jo

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