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Pauline Hanson's loss is Bravery's gain.

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

I’m in a special industry where I’m using scarves to change a taboo that is often completely misunderstood and feared. My friend Azahn is doing the exact same thing but in a completely different world. The Muslim world.

A little while ago Azahn, director at MOGA sent his beautiful scarves to Pauline Hanson as a peace offering with the simple wish that she would become the female role model she has the potential to be. He asked if she would welcome and accept every person, regardless of their race into this amazing multicultural country we call home.

You can read the article here.

Similar to Bravery Co., MOGA sends 20% of the profits to the source of the problem, donating the money to the CARE Foundation which is used to help young girls attend secondary schools in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions.

Bravery Co. are wholeheartedly grateful and humbled to receive these striking and powerful scarves. This is just the start of the MOGA and Bravery Co. friendship and we couldn’t be more excited. Watch this space for the first chapter to unfold!

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