Natalie Jade x Bravery Co.


There's definitely something magical about Natalie Jade's artwork. They have a dreamy and spiritual sense that you'd be happy staring at all afternoon long. 

Natalie Jade is a contemporary aboriginal artist who is making waves in the art scene. Her work often draws on her Indigenous heritage but her colour palettes are known to include vibrant pinks and purples that adds a mystical layer to them. 

She likes to paint intuitively after connecting in and being in a flow state through meditation and music pre painting. 

I am ​therefore over the moon to be sharing this beautiful collaboration with you. 

We've turned the magic of Natalie's Rainbow Universe artwork into both a square scarf AND a rectangle wrap scarf.

 I hope some of her flow and connection to self is felt when wearing this scarf. 

Em x


"My paintings are of the stars, sun, trees, waters and sea and almost always depict rainbows. I often paint stories of my own dreaming which have a special place in my heart but at times also paint intuitively."


Natalie Jade

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