Milly and Mae x Bravery Co.


Rachael Jorgensen is the powerhouse behind Milly and Mae. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist (see scarf for proof!) making 'happy art' that seemed destined for a Bravery scarf, but she also makes super colourful jewellery.  We hope you love her designs as much as we do. 


How did you get into design? Have you always been a creative person?


I was a creative kid living in the outskirts of Melbourne when it became apparent that creativity was what my life was going to be all about. Never wanting to find myself in a mundane job, I pursued my passion and found myself leading a team of designers in the early years of my career. Flash-forward 15 years later to having kids of my own and moving to the slightly more ‘country feel’ of Diggers Rest, 35km North West of Melbourne. This is where it all happened, where I really feel in love with caffeine and reality tv, but also where my brand took flight and where my art allowed me to provide for and spend more time with my family.


Your art is infectious. You can't help but smile when you see it. What inspires you to make your pieces?


I spent so many years designing to meet others needs and it was time to create what ‘I' wanted to, and that turned out to be ‘happy art’, anything that helps spark a joy within someone. Because as all cancer warriors know - Life is fleeting, you aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow, so make your today as happy as it can possibly be! And for me that means colour and lots of it. I collect colour palettes and subject inspiration that calls to me and basically just let my mind run free. It's that simple. If it's meant to be it will be.

And lastly, tell us about your beautiful scarf! Any messages for our cancer warrior community? 


Having the opportunity to be a Bravery Co artist is one that I cherish deeply. Cancer has been a part of our family going back to when I was a child, but more reciently it has hit our immediately and extended family hard. These unwanted circumstances have highlighted to me the strength and resilience cancer warriors muster and I am truely in awe of them. On top of that - Myself and my daughter carry a genetic makeup that increases our chance of facing cancer, in one form or another throughout our lives. And I hope that if it comes to that, we can be as strong as my loved ones who have been there before us.


I hope the gorgeous warriors wearing my design absorb all that happy, positive colour, take a deep breath and take on whatever is ahead them. 


Milly and Mae

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