Luke John Matthew Arnold
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We're starting off the year with a good one! Introducing the Fuuuuuuuuck scarf, created by the uber talented Luke John Matthew Arnold. His work throws colour punches like no other but beneath their mind blowing radiance are strong, heartfelt messages. He covers topics from mental health, lockdown lows, climate change and politics with a cheeky and sweary approach. He is one to follow as this guy is going places.


Who is Luke John Matthew Arnold?


I am a queer visual artist who loves nothing more than being outside, with my dog and holding a pencil and paper. My life has been one of coming out, finding belonging within the creative community, wearing thongs and short shorts throughout winter and consistently doodling… Always doodling… And swearing. 

When was the first time you made something and thought – 'That’s pretty bloody good!? I might do this for a living!'


Much like most artists, I’m hyper-critical, so that doesn’t happen much at all hahah. I’d have to say when I drew ‘Serpent Sees’ I felt a bit like 'oh I can see this work being more than just an artwork' and it was, it has slithered into many forms! 


I fell in love with your fuuuuuck design when I first saw it. It’s the perfect mix of big, bold colours and big, bold language that I think has relevance for every cancer warrior. When did you create it and is there a story behind why you made it?


I created it last year during lockdown and just seeing a lot of things spin out of orbit, all of which were very much out of my control and I sat there ready to draw and had nothing but frustration and angst… But then drawing it became a cathartic process. How good is it to just scream the word ‘fuuuuuck’ out to release some of the shitty vibes inside? 

What does making this scarf mean to you?


I’ve had friends heavily impacted by cancer and I’ve watched their journey and the ripple effect it has had on their lives. I could say something cliche and uplifting, but there’s no point in denying the shit storm that can manifest. So I like the idea that the ‘fuuuuuck scarf’ might make someone smile during that storm, even scream it out in a completely diva-esque way with the scarf blowing in the wind… 

Any message to the warriors that will wear your scarf?


I hope my scarf can act as a soul cleansing mantra whenever they need it! 


Luke John Matthew Arnold

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