Lily Windsor Walker for Bravery Co.


I’ve been unashamedly insta stalking Lily’s creative talents for a while now so I’m chuffed to welcome her beautiful scarf to the Bravery family. Here's a little bit about the genius behind the design.


Tell us a bit about you


I’m a print designer / illustrator based in Manchester, UK. I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds Art University and graduated last year (2019).


I love going to car boot sales and flea markets, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I sometimes go to these amazing flea markets in France with my family and find so many beautiful and interesting things!


My favourite food in the whole world is roast veg, it sounds boring but honestly I could eat it every day! (which I do..) The perfect veg combination is; broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, onions, potatoes, garlic and to make it extra special I add some halloumi chunks and cover the veg in sriracha – sooooo good!


When I was younger I think I wanted to be an artist. I’ve been into art ever since I can remember, I’ve grown up surrounded by it and have always been encouraged by my parents to live my life in the most creative way possible.

What type of stuff do you like to make?


I love to paint flowers and plants, I never get bored of doing it as there are just so many different types of flowers and plants out there! I often paint up papers and cut out shapes and use them in my designs. I enjoy painting a lot, I could sit there and do it for hours! There’s something really therapeutic about the whole process and it helps me to relax – it’s almost quite meditative!


I also love to play about with colour and always use bright and happy colours in my work. Colour is very important to my practice. I tend to go through phases of using a specific colour a lot in my work as well, at the moment I think it’s pink!


To make the scarf design I created the design using a mixture of cut outs, paintings and a digital drawing tablet. I started by producing botanic forms and shapes on photoshop and using cut outs I made and had scanned in, I then began to add texture to the design and experiment with composition until I was happy with it. The colours of the design are sunny and upbeat which represents the incredible people who will be wearing it.


What made you want to design a Bravery Scarf?


I created the scarf in memory of my wonderful grandma Beryl Windsor, who we sadly lost to cancer in October last year. She was an amazing lady, who faced some really difficult times in her life but still managed to power through them with strength, determination and optimism. She tried so hard at everything she did and lived a very full and energetic life. She was always interested in people and loved learning things about anyone, she had a way of making you feel like the most interesting person in the room! Grandma lived her life surrounded by people who adored her. She was curious and courageous. We love you G-ma!

Any words for the cancer kickers that one day will wear your scarf?

When you wear this scarf, I want you to feel as happy and as bright as the colours in it. You are truly amazing and I am sending all of my love out to each and every one of you!!



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