Lily Mullen x Bravery Co.


Lily Mullen's patterns are seriously drool worthy. She creates playful and rhythmic combination of shapes, lines and fun colours that are both satisfying and mesmerising to look at.


For Lily, designing is an intuitive and hands on process. You can almost imagine her orchestrating all the shapes and colours by hand until she creates one of her perfectly chaotic yet balanced prints. 

I'm so excited to have one of her gorgeous prints on a Bravery scarf. I hope her strong and bold pattern makes you feel like the kick-ass woman you are. 

Enjoy reading our interview with Lily. 

Em x


We love your crazy, colourful patterns. Can you tell us how you found your artistic groove and a bit about your creative process?

I'm a printmaker and designer based in Edinburgh. I graduated in 2020 from the Printed Textiles course at Leeds Arts University. My Three obsessions are colour, process and

pattern. A love for colour and an open-minded approach offers limitless flexibility. My desire to physically engage with materials underpins everything I create, I draw inspiration from both man-made and natural forms in the world around me. Pattern is part and parcel of our everyday life and as a printmaker its what excites me most!

How did the 'For the Love of the small things' print come about? Where did you find your inspiration? 


This design was from a series entitled Building Blocks. The series was created in lockdown working from my mum’s spare bedroom, it was about getting back to what’s at the core of my practice; shape and colour. Lockdown presented a multitude of challenges, however the need to adapt pushed my practice further and ultimately reminded me why I love what I do!

In times of disruption and uncertainty building blocks seeks to explore and celebrate the fundamentals.

What does this collab with Bravery Co. mean to you? 

I stumbled across the bravery Instagram page and was immediately inspired. The bold patterns and countless stories of strength pulled me in. In a sea of ever emerging design and fashion brands, Bravery struck me as a wholly honest space with good design and more importantly good people at its core. As a designer who holds the belief that a product should be as equally beautiful as it is functional, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

Do you have any messages for the warriors that will be wearing the beautiful scarf? 

I just hope that my scarf can emulate the boldness, beauty and utter strength of its wearer. I send all the love and strength I have to give, you’ve got this!

Lily Mullen

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