Kip&Co x Bravery Co.


I am beyond pumped to introduce our beautiful collaboration with the bright and colourful lifestyle brand, Kip&Co.🎉

Late last year I was lucky enough to meet Kate, one of the founders of Kip&Co at an Art Camp. As a bit of a homewares junkie, I was fangirling hard. She charmed and captivated us with stories from the magical world of Kip&Co. and afterwards I worked up some courage to cheekily ask if she’d ever consider a scarf collab for warriors. The answer resulted in one large happy dance and this super beautiful scarf.


How did the Field of Dreams print come about? 

We have used this print a lot over the years. In a bunch of different colour ways.  It is one of our absolute favourite floral because it is pretty, colourful and fun.  And one our best best friends painted it for Kip originally.


What does this collab with Bravery Co. mean to you?  

Hayley and I lost both of our parents to cancer when we were teenagers after fighting the fight for 12-13 years each.  Our Mum wore wigs on and off for as long as we both remember and we know she would have loved this product, but even more she would’ve loved this strong and supportive group that you have developed. It’s brilliant.


Do you have any messages for the warriors that will be wearing the beautiful scarf? 

You are amazing!  You will get through this.  We are sending every bit of love and light your way as you fight the fight, courageously every day. Be strong ladies, you can do this! 


Xxx Kate


Kip&Co founder, Kate Heppell wearing her Field of Dreams scarf.


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