Slowdown Studio x Bravery Co.

featuring Juuli Miettilä 


Juuli is one of those artists who's work stops you in your tracks. Her abstract human forms are strong, sculptural and oh-so-beautiful. Each piece has an energy - they almost feel a bit rhythmic like she's captured the bodies mid-dance. 


Together with Slowdown Studio, we've turned Juuli's artwork into a rad square silk scarf AND a blanket. Beautiful items to wrap around your head and body. 

We have named the scarf Barnett after cruisy and chilled out Australian sounds of Courtney Barnett. 

Enjoy reading our interview with Juuli. 

Em x


I'm is a graphic designer and an illustrator from Helsinki, Finland. In my illustration work, I focus on the dynamics of shapes and the effectiveness of the contrast between different colours. I love visual storytelling and creating movement in my designs.

How did the Barnett print come about? 

Celebrating the present moment is important to me in an unpredictable life. I wanted the design to focus on capturing the energy of joy. The people in the design are in motion, full of energy and naked. Just themselves without any bullshit!


What does this collab with Bravery Co. mean to you?  


I am honoured to get to work with independent companies like Bravery Co. and Slowdown Studio. This collaboration feels special because it’s for a good and important cause. I’m eager to see how my artwork will look as a knitted blanket and a headscarf. The design gets a totally different look and feel when it’s on fabric rather than just as a digital art print on paper.

Do you have any messages for the warriors that will be wearing the beautiful scarf? 

One simply cannot predict what happens in life. Things can change in an instant. We live in the here and now. Hopefully the scarf can remind its wearer to live in the moment and keep up the fight!




Juuli Miettilä

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