Judit Canela x Bravery Co.


I'm Judit. I'm a creative person from Barcelona. I love scenes full of details, weird characters, vintage colours, and flea market finds. I’m really obsessed with sushi and coffee is my daily fuel. I can’t live without it!


When did you start designing and creating?


I've always been a creative kid. Drawing has always been a passion. I am very fortunate that I was brought up with children’s books by great illustrators such as Kveta Pacovská, Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey and many others. So I can say that my parents took me to collect and love these children books that were and early inspiration for my artist career.


What type of stuff do you love creating? Tell us about your style.


My artworks are sharp, colourful, minimalistic, and often metaphoric. My personal work is delicate and with a subtle sense of humour. In most of my projects, I seek to balance figuration and abstraction.


I use strong, fluid lines and flat, bold planes of colour on my minimalist artworks of modern femininity. Working primarily with digital techniques, I depict confident women surrounded by subtle symbols—bowls, geometric shapes, animals and plants—as I draw attention to her subtle body language and gestures.

I like to draw beautiful strong women in a style that balances figurative lines and abstract shapes.

What gets your creative juices running? 


Everyday experience is the foundation of my drawings and paintings. I don’t have a favourite topic. But I realise that female body in its original state and the intriguing nature are current elements in my works. What I really enjoy is creating personal images based purely on emotions, feelings and intuitions. These are the images that finally turn into evocative pieces.

I love to create ambiguous scenes, with a narrative background that the spectator has to discover.

Before I start some new project I put some music, depending on my mood. Music is always in the core of my creations.

The harmony scarf is STUNNING! What is the meaning behind it? How would you like women to feel when they wear it? 


It is really my honour to be part of this great and special collaboration. I was immediately inspired by the project, so the rest has come fluidly. With this design my goal was to embodying Mother Earth with weight, strength, and beauty and glorify the woman’s community, because together we’re stronger.

I'd love for the cancer warriors to know that you’re not alone. Together we can do anything. Feel the power and energy of others warriors like you. Let’s be confident and trust other women in order to create a truly caring and loving society.

"When you wear this scarf, I want you to feel as powerful and bright as the colours in it. I am sending all of my positive vibes out to each and every one of you."


Judit Canela

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