Hayley Youngs x Bravery Co.

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It's no secret that Bravery loves a big, bold print. So it's also no surprise that Hayley's work stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it. Her style is from another world. She brings Art Deco and psychodelic vibes together to create geometric pieces that feel like they belong in a very classy 80's video game. How can you not get onboard with that!?

Her pieces are originally painted and we've been lucky enough to transfer the magic SheWolf and Blossom onto a scarf. 

I hope you love reading about our collab with Hayley and the story behind her designs.

Em x


Tell us a little about you and your style.

I am a Brooklyn-based transcendental painter. My recent works have been described as lavish geometric paintings, alluding to a realm beyond the physical world, both philosophically and spiritually. To me they employ a visual language of esoteric shapes and curvilinear motifs that navigate a mystical pictorial space, governed by symmetry, color, and intuitive precision. Ultimately these works are my mission to “find the calm within the chaos,” which I am sure is something all of Bravery Co.'s warriors try their hardest to pursue every single day.


Where did you find your inspiration for the SheWolf print?


SheWolf was inspired by something very specific and the result is my abstract representation of the Duomo di Siena in Tuscany! I was able to visit this incredible cathedral on a trip to Italy with my best-friend. We learned that this Duomo was the home of the "She-Wolf" column which is a legendary symbol of the city and a very female empowering tale. I was stunned when entering the cathedral and witnessing its stripped interior with all this amazing light reflecting off many surfaces. I will just never forget how gorgeous and magical it felt in there it was and I knew I just had to recreate it on canvas it in my own.

What does this collab with Bravery Co. mean to you? 


I am very honored that my designs will be printed on Bravery Co's scarves! To me this means I have participated and contributed in something that will hopefully bring happiness, beauty and hope to all of the warriors. It also means something more has become of my art - a larger and more impactful adventure for my visions!


I had been thinking for a while how I would love to see my artwork on fabric or apparel of some kind, but I wanted there to be a story or meaning behind it to make it more of a powerful statement rather than "just for fun" or "just for fashion" - something deeper. After doing some research I came across Bravery Co. and couldn't believe how perfect this would be if I could collaborate with them. Poof! It worked out thanks to the incredible Emily Somers.


Do you have any messages for the warriors that will be wearing the beautiful scarf? 

I hope that the vibrancy of the colors and designs reverberate back inward allowing you to feel empowered, hopeful and ready to flourish!


Hayley Youngs

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