Blessed Unrest x Bravery Co.


Blessed Unrest is a Scottish textiles brand founded by Lorna Brown. Lorna is a contemporary textile designer and fine art screen printer. Her works are made from colourful layers of interesting shapes, images and patterns. They are truely captivating and her her collaboration piece, Awaken, is exactly that. 


When did you figure out you wanted to be an artist?


I dreamt of being an artist as a kid from about the age of 7 after realising you could actually have a job as an artists when you grew up. I spent lots of time studying or drawing animals, plants and cartoon characters as a kid and adored ‘painting by numbers’ and colouring in…I’ve still a few very early sketchbooks stored up in my mum & dads attic. My least favourite subject at school was Maths, however I did fall in love with a maths teacher and our two kids luckily now have academic and creative genes.


Your work feels like it could tell a story. There are so many interesting elements, marks, images and colours you could stare at for hours. How do you start a piece and what inspires you?


When I start a new collection of work I have often already been thinking about a theme or looking at particular visual inspiration..sometimes for quite a long time things have been mulling around and at other times it’s a flurry of new ideas and direction. I spent most of lockdown 2020 drawing and taking photos in and around gardens and nature so my latest work is heavily influenced by plant life, leafy silhouettes and shadows and cyanotype prints capturing wild flowers and grasses along the walking verges of the city. The Awaken print was part of a quick drawing challenge where I worked with pens of different thickness in an expressive way. I was drawing plants and flowers but not representationally, more spontaneously thinking about shapes patterns and textures from my imagination rather than detail or reality.

We love the Awaken scarf! Can you tell us a bit about this beautiful collaboration.


The ‘Awakening’ scarf print presents a peony flower which is one of my favourites and reminds me of own Nana who was a great character, a huge influence and she grew them in her garden. In Japan the peony symbolises bravery, honour and good fortune and more widely luck, love and prosperity.

When I first discovered Bravery Co I was so moved and inspired by Emily’s story, her ethos, vision and of course the connexions to my love of textiles, also knowing family and friends who have beat and been beaten by cancer, I immediately wanted to create something for all the warriors who are literally fighting to live. I am so honoured to be able to share a design


I hope this scarf wraps you lovingly, encourage your bravery and nurtures your awakening and growth. Just imagine wearing the most lush, silky peonies round your head or cloaked around your shoulders when you wear this scarf. Feel the love being sent from me to you.


Blessed Unrest

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