Cachete Jack x Bravery Co.


When I discovered Cachetejack work I was blown away with the crazy colour combinations and happy illustrations. They've created a world and style that feels like it was born from their childhood but covers important topics which evokes conversation.

Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul are the duo behind these illustrations. They're Spanish illustration freelancers with a nomadic lifestyle who have been working together since 2011.


When did you figure out you wanted to be an artist?


We always love to draw as kids and express ourselves throw images and colours and we are still doing it! hope it last forever!


It looks like you must have fun in the creative process! How do you describe your style and what do you like making?


Bold, joyful, witty, powerful, passionate, critical and supportive! We love creating 'joy' moments and making people reflect and approach important topics to generate feelings and integrate ideas around!

Do you have a message for the women wearing your scarf?


Of course we have, love is the most powerful force in the world that will bring you all the strength to fight and trust life



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