ONE WARRIOR with Laura Opie

Welcome to the story of Laura. (Yes, another Laura!). Through the power of Instagram I was introduced to this beautiful girl. Laura (@lauraopie_) is just 23 years old and has been dealt about 7 lifetimes worth of absolute BS. Her boss attitude is nothing short of impressive and this girl’s strength shines through her words so strongly it pretty much punches you in the face. And as an extra bonus, she’s funny as all hell. I hope you enjoy her story. Please send her some love and cancer kicking vibes today. Name: Laura Opie Cancer: Now this is a mouthful for you... *breath in* Ewing's like sarcoma cic dux4 in my psoas muscle *breath out* phew What was happening in your world at the time? Found

ONE WARRIOR with Laura Shaw

This is the very first blog in the One Warrior series. I’ve always wanted Bravery to reflect all types of cancer experiences, and all types of cancer warriors, so it’s time you heard another warrior’s story. (I also have a feeling you guys are probably sick of hearing about my story!😆) I want these blogs to comfort those who might be riding the C-train and cover things that are not discussed during doctor’s appointments. I want cancer warriors to come to the Bravery site to feel like someone else totally ‘gets it’ and that you’re not in the cancer shit show alone. Equally as important, I’d love this series to provide insights to all the cancer warrior support crews out there. I hope these s

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