Beck Ng x Bravery Co.


Beck's stylised and colour-driven designs
bring pattern and joy into the everyday. We are beyond stoked to welcome one of her designs into the Bravery family!


Have you always been a creative human?  How did you get into design?


I’m a designer and maker from Melbourne. Apart from a couple of stints living in London and Jakarta, I’ve always been a Melbourne girl. From a young age I was a bit of a crafty kid and that followed me throughout my school years. Towards the end of high school I decided I wanted to be a graphic designer and that’s the path I followed until I discovered patterns and side stepped into surface design and patterns and started Fabric Drawer. I’m a bit of an introvert so I find I need stints of quiet time to recharge and create. I don’t think I can live without creating in some form! Lockdowns have made me realise the importance of having an outlet just for you, whether it’s creative or not! At the moment what is getting my goat, is that because everyone is home, I am finding all my things are disappearing (my good pens, scissors, tape etc) and my desk seems to be collecting a lot of kid bits and pieces!!


We love your playful florals and patterns. How do you describe your style and what gets your creative juices pumping?


I’ve been describing my style as colour-driven, stylised and inspired by nature. I always look to nature as a starting point to my work. There is endless inspiration and not enough time to create all the ideas floating around in my head. 


I find I need to start sketching my ideas or motifs before bringing anything into the computer. Once I have a variety of motifs sketched out, I’ll re-draw them into the computer. I often have no idea how the pattern will come together, so there’s a bit of a journey with each piece; refining and re-colouring until it feels finished. This can often be a slow process.

And lastly, tell us about your beautiful scarf! Any messages for our cancer warrior community? 


When I first came across Bravery Co. I was drawn to Emily’s story and inspired at how something positive can come out of such a difficult situation. Cancer has touched many people’s lives, including my own extended family so I hope that I can bring a bit of light and hope into someone’s world through my work. 


Beck Ng

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