Slowdown Studio x Bravery Co.
featuring Anna Kesäniemi


Anna Kesäniemi's work is the type of stuff that can put a smile on your dial. Her playful colour pallette and bold florals are instantaneious mood lifters. There's also no hiding she hails from Finland as her style oozes the retro scando look they're famous for. 

Together with Slowdown Studio, we've turned Anna's artwork into a rad square silk scarf AND a blanket. Beautiful items to wrap around your head and body. 

We've named the scarf Donnelly after the super sweet but unapologetically bold and fearless sounds of Stella Donnelly. 

Enjoy reading our interview with Anna. 

Em x


We're obsessed with your florals and beautiful patterns. Can you tell us a bit about the wonderful world of Anna Kepardi? 

I’m an illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I’ve been running a one-woman company called Kepardi Company since late 2013. It started more as a hobby but nowadays is my full-time job. 


My work varies from digital and print illustrations to textiles and other products. Through my work I’m sharing my interest for things such as nice patterns and pretty colour combinations and wish to boost good feelings in people. I often like to add some cute or humorous twist in my work to cheer up myself and the people I’m sharing my artwork with.  


I combine different techniques (and have a couple of different styles) in my work, since it’s difficult to choose just one. Being able to try and experience new stuff keeps life and my daily work more interesting. I have an endless interest of creating something with my hands which keeps me busy - not to mention a 5-month-old baby at home who keeps me even busier.

How did the Donnelly print come about? 

Being a huge fan of the nature, that’s where I find most of my inspiration. I love illustrating flowers - both imaginary and more realistic ones. There’s no limit in colours, forms and patterns when it comes to flowers which leaves a lot of space for imagination. This Donnelly design started with the idea of a simple flower pattern and the colour palette came along soon after. 


What does this collab with Bravery Co. mean to you?  


I was beyond happy when contacted about the collaboration. Different kind of collaborations have always interested me; I like the social aspect a collaboration brings to my otherwise pretty lonely work as a freelancer as well as the challenge and inspiration. To have my design on a scarf with such an important meaning behind it makes this opportunity even more special.

Do you have any messages for the warriors that will be wearing the beautiful scarf? 

I hope wearing this scarf will bring much joy to its wearer as it did to me when designing the pattern. May these flowers bring a lot of power to all of you! 




Anna Kesäniemi

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